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Hong Kong will have its 1st ever gay dating show Boyscation

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Per the show’s official Instagram, production is already underway for Wong’s dream television project: a reality television dating series for gay men perfectly titled Boyscation. Sharing the first day of Boycation’s filming, Wong posted a Instagram photo raising his glass to what he called, “The most important chapter of my TV career. The most extraordinary attempt in Hong Kong TV history.”

Set to air on TVB’s J2 channel in early November, the show will feature ten single, gay contestants from an eclectic and representative collection of professional backgrounds. 

Wong was sure to insist Boyscation goes beyond just being a dating show. In fact, he aims to look at the lives and attitudes of single gay men in Hong Kong’s conservative society and share how they interact with the world at large. As contents find love, Boyscation will also offer previously unseen glimpses into queer life. Most of all, the host Vinci Wong wants Boyscation to have and spread “a positive message” about the LGBTQ+ community. 


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I hate the title but I’m really happy about it cuz Hong Kong doesn’t really have a lot of gay representation in media aside from comedic stereotypes 


please enlighten me to death
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This is a huge deal! Very progressive!

I only hope it's good representation, because an opportunity like this has a lot of power to sway the public's opinion on homosexual men in either a positive or negative way

Really depends if the contestants are searching for love and connections, or if they're just there for free alcohol and a pass to slut it up and get messy and have catfights and cause drama

Just in general all around I wanna see more positive representation of gay men being regular, multi-layered, human beings, and not just stereotypes (still looking at you Ryan Murphy)

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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This is great - gay people comes in all types of personalities and types and the more representation we have from diverse perspective, the better it is for us. I am so sick of gay stereotypes constantly being portrayed in media, it would be great to see another side of the community that really just exists and doesn't make being gay their entire existence. Although if people do that, good for them but some of us are just living our lives in our own authentic way and that is okay too. 

A messy blend of logic and sass
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