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Coldplay's next tour will partly be powered by fans jumping up and down

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POP A 911

Gaga should try it, I alone would power the venue once Poker Face comes on


† when you’re lonely, I’ll be lonely too †
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43 minutes ago, bionic said:

Will be funny if the power cuts out because the crowd aren't feeling it for a song

Kdhjsjlajsu :teehee:

... and now i just sit in silence.
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Reject False Icons

idk about other territories but I REALLY doubt they are going to do that on my country's date. The venues have already so many oganizational problems to worry about the power supply which already has tons of problems.

Plus what the hell with his answer about private jet flights, he didn't answer at all he just said lik uhm well yeah. It's not sustainable. Chris Martin go to the airport, bigger celebs go to the airport and they don't say anything at all

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1 hour ago, dojo said:

omg no ofc not. 

it was a joke in poor taste, i apologize if someone got offended. 

Don't apologize. People are so sensitive now a days.Spongebob Squarepants Reaction GIF by Nickelodeon

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