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Grammys have ruled Kacey Musgraves ineligible for the Country categories


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46 minutes ago, Lona Delery said:

this is so dumb. the way they can just decide what category they nominate the albums for is sooo stupid

just like they always put Lana in pop although shes always submitting for alternative

I believe they say that an album must be just over 50% of one genre to decide which one it should go into, so it is very borderline. The first time I was aware of how difficult it must be for them to judge was when Nicki put out Roman Reloaded, which was almost 50% pop and it actually started halfway through. I could see why the academy didn't even bother trying to categorize that one as it was a cross-over through and through and it got no nominations. I agree seeing Lana constantly put into pop as her music becomes more and more alternative and anti-commercial is annoying but I think alternative is such a byword for rock music that they can't see anything else. And it was super weird to see Taylor's recent folk-inspired albums be nominated in pop, especially when there are folk categories. I get it, in contrast to actual folk music made by the experts, this is just essentially pop ballads with a bit of folksy/indie inspiration but to see it nominated against actual pop albums like Future Nostalgia and Chromatica was just bizarre. I know pop doesn't have to be all sugary pink and bubblegum to be regarded as pop but there's a line to be drawn. I also wouldn't class what Harry Styles is doing to be pop either. I feel like the academy's still made up of a bunch of older people who still define pop as literally "popular music." It's been it's own genre since the 80's, I don't know how many times we have to repeat this. 

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salty like sodium
On 10/12/2021 at 5:24 PM, StrawberryBlond said:

I'm not surprised. The trailer for the movie and the intro song was a sign that this was going to be a more pop-centered album and that was definitely the case. I was confused that it was still being categorised as country, even if it was country pop. You can see from the music videos alone that she's wanting to branch out and hope it will expand her fanbase and sales but that should come with no longer being in country categories. If it happened to Taylor with 1989, it can happen to her. A big name like hers on the country scene can play to her advantage when it comes to winning awards which isn't really fair if that isn't really the type of music she's making this time.

I mean Taylor Swift was nominated for Red in a country category ...

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