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Lady Gaga…being Lady Gaga


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That’s why the lady is a tramp 

Only she can make me accept this type of cringe... 


you don't even need to like jazz, she be having so much fun you can't help but getting your life while watching her do her thing :cryga: 

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It's the equivalent of her playing the piano with her heels at one of her regular shows. 

I just love her when she's like this. 

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She just does whatever the f*ck she wants and I love that about her :flutter:

Home: a place that you only dream of when you're all alone
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I love her energy and passion so much.

I wonder how Michael feels about this though? I think it takes quite a unique and strong partner to be in a relationship with someone who is so publicly affectionate with other people. I guess it comes with the territory of dating a performer. I mean, you don't date Lady Gaga if you struggle with jealousy!

It's quite fascinating really to imagine what it must be like dating someone so powerful and adored. I think all of Gaga's exes have struggled with that. Michael seems different... probably because he is firmly in his own lane and is very established himself. Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't all of Gaga's serious partners (aside from Michael) been in the entertainment industry? She probably realised it was never going to work long term with someone like that because of who she is. 

subtext / fantasy
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