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What‘s your #1 favorite Gaga song?


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That's a multi-layered question. A song could be the album version, or it could be a live version, or it could just be the lyrics on a piece of paper, or there could be a video, and then there's the question of what a song means to you personally,

I put all that in the mixer and I come up with The Edge Of Glory. I'm a latecomer, a Shallowite if you will, so I got to backtrack my way through Gaga's entire discography over a short period. One of the first things I came across was TEOG on the Howard Stern show, and it knocked me sideways, and I also loved the story behind the song. Then I heard the album version and I was initially disappointed because it was so different, but after a few plays I loved it. Then there's the video, most un-Gaga-like, but she's gorgeous in it, and, given what the song is about, there is huge poignancy in the fact that that video was one of the last things Clarence Clemons ever did.

Gaga has put so much good stuff out there that picking a favourite song is a real arm-twisting exercise, but twist my arm and you get TEOG.

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Which song out of Gaga‘s entire discography is your absolute favorite and why? To me it‘s without a doubt Bad Romance. It‘s not only my favorite song by Gaga but also by any artist. The song is p

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Mother of Puppies

It's impossible for me to answer this :cryga:


It has always been a close match between Bad Romance, Heavy Metal Lover, Marry The Night and Alejandro, but then Chromatica joined the chat... so Alice, Babylon and Replay came.


Right now it's Babylon. (and Alice & Replay too)


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Well it might be an unpopular opinion but..

really I think one of Gaga best song, and my new favorite song, is Babylon - Haus Labs Version.

yeah I said it. That instrumental alone shits on every other dark electro song, and her voice is so so bossy that it makes the song just a unique badass Lady Gaga song. Like, give me another pop song with that « dark metallic underground dramatic vibe » ? The original Babylon is also very good, but you can find a lot of song with the same « Vogue vibe » unlike Haus Labs version.

my top was 1 rain on me 2 perfect illusion 3 applause but now idk Babylon might be 1 now it’s just too good - even tho fans didn’t give it a chance because of their v mag snippet expectations 

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