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Experimental/alternative/art-pop music recommendation

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The Temples (their first album sounds like late 60s Beatles music).

St. Vincent - she has some fame, but I don't hear as many people talking about her.

The 1975 is a popular band but their most recent album Notes On A Conditional Form is quite experimental.

The band Sorry is also good too (check out Right Around The Clock, Starstruck and Perfect).

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spread peace - #MJInnocent
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So... it's not rly a exp/alt/art-pop playlist, but these are tracks that I think you can give a shot!


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Here's some bodies of work I have enjoyed a lot recently. Some more pop oriented, others more experimental. Hope you enjoy exploring 



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I'm probably wrong
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it's not what you wanted

but she's indie and really great

better with every project and idkk

stream the zheani sparkes ep :party:


stoned and demented, walking through the walls
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