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Buffalo, NY Planning on Replacing Office of Mayor

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...just as socialist democrat India Walton is expected to win election.


The Buffalo Common Council will “explore” a city manager form of governance to replace the office of mayor.

Under such a plan, a city manager would be selected by the nine-member Council in conjunction with the community to "carry out the will of the Council members," University Council Member Rasheed N.C. Wyatt told The Buffalo News.

Wyatt, who has often clashed with Brown, said the impetus for opening up a discussion of a city manager model for Buffalo is not an indictment of Brown. It is an indictment of the current system of governance, which has led to "disinvestment" in poorer neighborhoods in a city that has gotten smaller and poorer, he said.


The report is due in 90 days,  about two weeks before the November mayoral election, in which Brown is waging a write-in campaign after losing the Democratic primary to political upstart India Walton. Any change that eliminates the office of mayor would have to come via a citywide ballot referendum, which would be all but impossible to get on the ballot by November.

Source: https://buffalonews.com/news/local/common-council-researching-form-of-governance-that-replaces-the-mayor/article_bf646d98-ecd8-11eb-a730-83866764e590.html

This was an official message from the Office of the First Lady.
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So there is an effort to remove the role of Mayor because an established politician lost the primary? They are not allowed to do that without a ballot, but are trying anyway? Is that right?

I hope something like that doesn’t happen. That model would not represent the city at all, how does that make sense? 😕

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Establishment politicians being sore losers and playing dirty?

Color me shooketh.

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This sounds like some republican insurrection ****.

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