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Why you don't like Ed Sheeran?

Do you like Ed Sheeran?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Ed Sheeran?

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He’s arrogant, overrated and he started off being all ‘I’m a real singer songwriter’ and now he is a complete chart chasing sell out. 

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Mediocre white boy music. Thinks too highly of himself.

To many straight white men get praise they don’t deserve. there are at least 10 other Ed Sheehans I can think of rn

Because I am still irrationally angry that he won the Grammy over Gaga, Kelly, Kesha, and Pink

FFXIV WhiteMage

I actually like his discography. He serves acoustic bops which I really really love. 

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I don’t dislike him and I can see he has some good catchy songs but there’s nothing there that excites me about him. I feel he doesn’t really switch it up much, always feels the same, I get some people like that but it’s not for me, there’s a reason why I love Gaga. 

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He is the male version of Taylor Swift and doesn't get dragged for his lyrics, while Taylor does.

You've got to earn your leather in this part of town
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I’d like to start by saying he could be a genuinely good person, but I myself just don’t know. 

What I don’t like is that in 2018, he was only nominated for the pop vocal categories (pop vocal album and pop vocal song) so he boycotted them because he wasn’t nominated for the top 3 (Record, song and album of the year) 

he ended up winning both awards he was nominated for. Gaga and Kesha were also contenders in those categories (Joanne and Rainbow & Praying and MR) it’s not really his fault he won but still, what he got wasn’t good enough for him. Music not the bling.


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Couldn't care less about his whiteness. I like tons of white musicians. Nothing could mean less to me than an artists' race when choosing if I like them or not. Also couldn't care less about his blah personality. I like tons of musicians I'd never, ever want to be friends with IRL. Couldn't care less that he's super popular. I like tons of super popular musicians. Some (like Ed) that don't really deserve to be as big as they are.

But I don't like boring music. That's his big sin to me. Boring. Music. 

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