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Scientists discover secret of pterosaur's 'ridiculously' long neck

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Pterosaurs, one of the first and largest vertebrates to learn to fly, have often been seen as the cool cousins of the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex.

Now scientists have discovered the 100m-year-old secret to the success of the flying pterosaur: a neck longer than a giraffe.

Palaeontologists from Portsmouth University have been puzzled at how gigantic flying azhdarchid pterosaurs have managed to support their thin necks as they take off and fly while carrying heavy prey animals.

But thanks to new CT scans of intact remains, discovered in Morocco, the mystery has been solved.


The findings, published in iScience, show a complex image of spoke-like structures, arranged in a helix around a central tube inside the neck vertebra, similar to that of a bicycle wheel.

This intricate design is said to demonstrate how these flying reptiles had evolved to support their massive heads that often measure longer than 1.5 metres.

Researchers say thanks to these north African remains, they now want to answer basic questions, such as the flight abilities of pterosaurs, which can have a wing span of up to 12 metres.



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This is so cool, but so terrifying. I love finding out about stuff like this though 

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Not The Real Gaga

Such a magnificent creature

Can't believe million years of evolution has led to me :saladga::poot:

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Gaga bless Science :)))

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Looks like Humpty Dumpty's mom...

like a cat in a sil, I observe life, moving and still. My words give a clue,look inside to see whats true
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Imagine if they're still roaming the earth. They'll be like a giant version of a pelican :cryga:

Less is more / Less is a bore
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