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Why is ARTPOP mainly dissed for being EDM?

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1 minute ago, r4therupbeat said:

Agreed but the sound evolved. Everyone I played ARTPOP to at the time said the sound was from the year before and I felt that too. I think it started with the BTW Remix album were all the remixes sounded dated especially the MTN remix

I guess music is subjective? I played "Aura" at a party few years back and my mates were going nuts for the Spanish guitars 😅

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ARTPOP is a whole lot of colour and flavour - electronic, synth pop, disco, funk, rock, trap, techno and a whole lot more, foreal.  Thou over the years I've mainly noticed it gets dubbed as "EDM

The problem is that the hype was really big for ARTPOP .. the fans expected something revolutionary that can push the Bandary even more  specially after the impact of born this way on the music indust

Probably because in late 2013, everyone was bored of EDM


Wow, almost forgot to add "Break Free". Big EDM collab that dropped following year.

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