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Which songs would be problematic in 2021?

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Justin Drew Bieber
7 hours ago, BloodyMary08 said:

Sk8er Boi

This sounds like a MySpace username :deadbanana:

Beck - Hyperlife 🎶
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Idk, Katy Perry ur so gay I guess

I think you'd have a harder time thinking of something that isn't problematic these days

Today people would say Poker Face is exploiting and fetishizing bisexuality, LoveGame isn’t inclusive of non-heterosexual relationships, Bad Romance and Paparazzi paint all women in a negative light,


* Rasputin - Boney M

* Alejandro/Judas/John Wayne - Gaga 

* Smack That - Akon

* Whistle - Flo ruda 

* Doctor Jones - Aqua 

* Do It Like a Dude/Dopamine - Jessie J

* Rich Girl - Eve, Gwen Stefani 

* Grenade - Bruno Mars 

* Jesus of Surburbia - Green Day

* Gold Digger - Kanye West 

* Maneater/Promiscuous  - Timbaland, Nelly Furtado 

etc etc lol

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I am authistic, so don't be offended if I make a mess sometimes.
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I just think people are easily offended these days... Everything can be turned into a scandal... I was called racist another day because I used a gif with a black woman on it... I was shocked and confused 

I've got an "F" and a "C" and I got a "K" too And the only thing that is missing is a bitch like "U"
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These were problematic back then but now it would be career suicide. 

You've got to earn your leather in this part of town
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*Amy Winehouse's Me and Mr Jones (lyrics include "my best Black Jew, my best Black Jew")

*A lot of 2000-2010 pop songs used gay as a sort of insult, particularly Katy Perry's Ur so Gay and that Taylor Swift song

*Cher, as the above poster mentioned, has several songs that would never fly now

*I honestly don't think Judas/Alejandro would be an issue except for the really religious folks (maybe Alejandro, because Gaga sings the names with an accent, but I doubt it). I also think John Wayne would get a pass, because while the man was problematic he's still used as a cultural touchstone. The songs that would cause trouble for Gaga would be Gypsy, DWUW, and BTW.

*Speaking of Gypsy, so many pop songs use that term. TBF, I recall some people on the Avengers press tour getting in trouble in Europe for referring to Wanda as a "gypsy" because they had no clue it was a slur...most Americans aren't aware, today, in my opinion.

*Guns n Roses have some songs with really racist lyrics...DMX had some songs with really homophobic lyrics.

*Destiny's Child had a song (can't recall the name) that was super sl*t shamey, although I think some have claimed it was an attempt to be ironic and criticize slut sh*ming.

*A bunch of old 80s rock songs are super questionable and verges into the downright gross. Ted Nugent is the biggest example, but there are others...just can't think of them right off the top of my head.

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FFXIV WhiteMage

Most songs  from BTW and ARTPOP albums :huntyga:

Especially Swine :huntyga: I believe there’s a petition to stop using animal terms as a form of offensive words/curse.

and BTW :huntyga: but not in the sense of homophobia but rather criticism from the gay community itself. 

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7 hours ago, Peroxide555 said:

I low-key don’t think Born This Way’s bridge would fly in 2021... with a particular nod to the ethnicity shout outs.

I’m still surprised no ones ever really criticized that line... i feel weird singing it

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Reading this thread is kinda depressing because so much of it is amazing music... and it makes me wonder if people will keep making good music in the future, or eventually only have like 5 topics they can sing about without being cancelled :bear:

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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2 hours ago, migamiga said:

I’m still surprised no ones ever really criticized that line... i feel weird singing it

It got a lot of criticism when it was first released :bear:

Rain on Me
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15 hours ago, StrawberryBlond said:

I was just thinking about Stupid Girls recently and how this would be criticised so much now for shaming women for being girlie, wearing pink, being sexual and presenting themselves how they please. I still think she's ultimately right but she went about it far too harshly, especially in the video. Here's some more that haven't been mentioned:


I think the point of the video is not that you can't wear pink or be slutty.. what you see in the video is that the girls try to do everything to get attention from men. At the bowling alley the boyfriend is more interested in the girl with the big boobs, and thats why P!nk 'blows up' her own boobs. There is a difference in doing stuff because you want to or doing stuff just to get attention from others (or to fit in).

P!nk even made a song about the double standards of being sexual between men and women.



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10 hours ago, Munchlax said:


This came out as a single at such a poor time bless her heart ...


10 hours ago, Staryu17 said:

* Rasputin - Boney M

This song is legendary I always get so excited when people mention this obscure little gem. One of the only things I remember from my 2007/8 high school history class :spin:

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