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Mount Etna in Italy Is Having Big Eruption

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xoxo Craig

I'm lowkey interested in earthquakes Amd eruptions, I find it fascinating :bradley:

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Mother of Puppies

Mount Etna in italy having an eruption. (sounds kinda like erection) :selena:

Lil monsters be like: :mark: "Ah well, so what..."


Lady Gaga is in italy. (miles away from it)

Lil monsters be like: :wtfga: "Get her outta there! Save the queen!" :dom:



I have to laugh.
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Gaga isn’t there. Mount Etna is in South Italy, she’s in the North. Did you guys study geoghraphy at school?

Same DNA but Born This Way
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Etna's eruptions are very frequent and never violent. There's nothing to worry about. The whole area is safe, there are never casualties. If you want to know more about italian vulcanos you could read something about the Vesuvius, it's active, it hasn't erupted in years but when It will it will be a catastrophe: It's very violent and many people live nearby (so close it's scary).

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