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Chromatica out now


Chromatica, but it's just the song titles

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dallas, dallas, dallas, dallas :air:

One of me is wiser. One of me is stronger. One of me is a fighter, and there's a thousand faces of me, Army of me
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Stupid Oreo

Tell us

Stupid Lava


Free Ramen

Fanta Night

Nine Won Won

Plaster Dull

Shower Caddy


Free Play

Si Nefro Mab Ove

A Dozen Bu-u-uuuus


how do you piss lady gaga off? poke her face
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Why does fun tonight make me cackle lmao

Inside, we are really made the same. 🕊
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xoxo Craig
1 hour ago, papergangstas said:

dallas, dallas, dallas, dallas :air:

I can't unhear it and I hate you for it :air:

End Racism Now
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