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Grimes signs with Columbia records

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It looks like signing up with Columbia Records is the thing now. ūüĎÄ

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34 minutes ago, TimisaMonster said:

This...I honestly feel she is being so mismanaged at Interscope I Said What I Said Real Housewives Of Atlanta GIF by Bravo TV

I literally just looked at the top 10 on the billboard hot 100. almost 0 movement. Interscope had a Million Reasons to send Sour Candy or any single to radios and playlist it on Spotify. Chris Brown just gone top 3 with a 42 week song, Blinding Lights is in the top 10 for over a year. There is no movement because there's not as many new songs like this time last year. Like does she have Bobby uploading her album from his laptop and emailing radios and Spotify when she releases music? Isn't the label's job to promote even if she cannot be asked to even mention the album? I would do a better job honest to god

little mix shout out to my ex GIF by Columbia Records

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1 hour ago, flavio said:

omg imagine Grimes producing Lady Gaga...:nooo:

But seeing some names on the Columbia roster, it is more probable that we'll get Grimes produced by The Chainsmokers :ally:

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Nnnnn--- :sweat: I think this is an exceptionally bad decision. Here's hoping she won't end up another "Also-ran" whose career has been gridlocked due to mismanagement at a major label.

Considering all that Grimes has achieved on her own, I don't know why she's handing off the keys to her artistic integrity. 


Taking an extended break from GGD. Ttyl.
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