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FKA twigs' upcoming album - What we know


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With the rumours and teases of new music from FKA twigs circulating for a while and given that the album is thought to come out Q1/Q2 this year, I decided to compile all the information we have into a single thread. :party: I think this helps in terms of figuring out the chronological order of the events and of having all information and facts into a single place. 

Also, I organized everything based on time periods, because the thread was getting way too long.

EARLY 2020



Chronologically, the first indication of new music happened in January/ February 2020 when she was seen in the studio, only a few months after releasing Magdalene. We don't know on what she was working or whether she was working on music at all but it's an indication that she probably was recording something. It's not unusual for artists to keep going to the studio even after just releasing music so nobody paid attention to this too much at that time.


Although still very soon after Magdalene's release, some rumors of potential new music apperead in April that year, after she hinted at a 'surprise' coming soon in one of her livestreams, one that was in the process of ''mixing''.

Later in April, her stylist and close collaborator  Matthew Josephs posted an picture of hers when asked about his favorite album, implying that there is a whole body of work that she played to him.

Loose confirmation of new music came in May when she herself revealed on Instagram that is working on a mixtape that she ''might'' release. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_yDCvqplkH/


Also in May rumors of Arca (producer also involved in EP2 and LP1) being involved in the project appeared, and to this day it seems that some Arca-produced songs are still considered for the record. Back then quarantine was in full force so she must have felt bored and/or inspire creatively by it.


Around that time we also found out that the mixtape was starting to take shape based on the little insight she gave during her MIF live interview. At that point, according to her she was working with El Guincho remotely and was very happy about the studio sessions.

During the summer she was photographed with Pa Selieu - confirmed collaborator - in the studio, very likely that for music-related businesses.




LATE 2020


On 4 August we have the first (modest) glimpse into El Guincho's production style as he produced 645Ar's song Sum Bout U which happens to feature twigs!

Also in August she revealed also on Instagram that the mixtape she has been working on turned into ''a beast of an album'', confirming that the mixtape exists indeed and that it wasn't abandoned. It appears that by this time the Pa Salieu track and *some* El Guincho produced-track were most likely already done. 


Nothing too noteworthy happened until October when during an interview she confirmed that the album includes several collaborations. In this interview we also found out that the creative process happened entirely over Facetime. El Guincho was confirmed to be the main producer and overall the project seemed to be very collaborative.

⬤ “I ended up, in actual fact, making a whole album in quarantine”

⬤  “I just decided one day. It was kind of, maybe one-third of the way through and I just said, ‘you know what, I’m just going to make an album,’ and I just went and did it. And it was really amazing because I worked predominantly with an amazing artist and producer called El Guincho, and I did the whole thing with pretty much all of the collaborators over FaceTime.”

⬤ “I was working with people I’d never met in real life and we were doing the whole thing over FaceTime and it was great because I couldn’t go in the studio at the beginning” 

⬤ “So I was getting beats and having to work from MP3s, and then I would writing melodies in the day with [El Guincho] and then in the night I would call some of my friends in America who made music and I would have a glass of wine and chill and write lyrics and talk about what the song’s about.”


On October 20 she appeared on the cover of The New York Times' T Magazine. In the interview she gave to the magazine she called the album vibrant, implying it's a departure from Magdalene's more reflective sound to something more lively.


Extracts from the interview

When we first meet, over FaceTime, this past summer, she seems reflective, high-spirited but relaxed. She is recording a new album at a studio that is a short walk across a park near her home in East London. When working long hours in the studio, she says, she eats lots of cakes and messes with her collaborators by telling them the musical ideas they come up with will work best when discarded: “You know, that sound is going to be amazing … when it’s muted!”

When I speak with Twigs a month later, via Zoom, she is tired. She has nearly completed her new album, slated to come out next year but for now shrouded in secrecy, and needs to deal with the life side of life.

She says little about her new album except that it’s a “vibrant” work spurred on by another such maxim: “Keep the dream alive.”

At this point (November-December), atrl insiders have already heard songs off the new album. The album is said to be more care-free, dancy-er, upbeat and includes several collaborations, basically a complete new direction and departure from Magdalene's sound. The album doesn't have a strong cohesive theme either and is more loose and spontaneous.

In November 2020, twigs and Dua Lipa are seen together in a recording studio. 


On 27 November 2020, they perform together at Studio 2054. The live-debuted track Why Don't You Love Me is evidently meant to be on twigs' new album. The song is co-written by FKA twigs, Jorja Smith and other 4 songwriters (Jorja Smith sings the background vocals during the bridge but is not featured artist). 

According to Dua Lipa, twigs approached her as she was working on some new stuff and she hit her up asking ’Do you wanna get in the studio, should we do something together?, again showing that the album is very collaborative and it was twigs's idea to collaborate with her.

In December she is seen in the studio again (unkown if working on the album itself or some ''side project'').






She is seen in the studio again in January 2021. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKfFv7yHxjC/?igshid=2c7cd1p03t32

Quotes from her BBC Radio 4 podcast (that came out on January 25)


"I've got more collaborations and features on this album than I've ever had before. Majority of the people I've never met in real life..."

 "My next music I've made is unironically a lot lighter than the usual music I make. I spent so much time in darkness with him that when I have been missing my friends, and going out, getting ready, dancing, I've wanted to make music for the people closest to me that I love."

On January 26, the first off the new album called Don't Judge Me is released. However, Why Don't You Love Me and the real lead single are still yet to be released *officially*.

The last information on the new album comes from her recent Elle interview. Collaborations with Afrobeats singer Rema and rapper Pa Salieu are confirmed alongside the already known tracks produced by El Guincho and the Dua Lipa feature. 



TLDR: The album started spontaneously out as a quarantine mixtape and is said to come out sometime in the first half of 2021. Stylistically the album is a departure from the Magdalene sound to something less serious and more lively/ care-free (while still remaining esentially true to her style) and it includes several collaborations. Why Don't You love Me and Don't Judge Me are two songs thar we have from the new era - and they are both collabs. The actual release date, cover and title are unknown.

If I missed out anything, please don't hesitate to tell me/ post it. :party:

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Our very own GGD FKA Twigs insider said that Why Don't You Love Me is scheduled for early March :party:

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Known collaborators for the album so far (there are surely more though)


El Guincho


Dua Lipa
Pa Salieu


Jorja Smith
Ali Tamposi
Billy Walsh
Rowe Autumn
Darren Emilio Lewis
Iyiola Babalola

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From her The Face interview

❏ The album needs to be renamed because its original title was used by a big artist recently so obviously she feels like she has to change it

❏ twigs sent Michaela Coel (the interviewers) 4 or 5 songs off the new song and she loves them and plays often

❏ She had a very great chemistry with El Guincho and once again says she made the album over FaceTime


Well, the music that I sent to you was music that I’ve made over lockdown. It was really unusual because I’ve never really made music over the internet before. And with one person in particular, it just worked really well, and that’s El Guincho, a guy called Pablo [Díaz-Reixa] who is an artist and producer – he’s Spanish. For some reason, we just had this amazing connection over FaceTime. We’d only met once in real life before, but there was a period of time when lockdown was at its darkest in round one. And we just kind of connected in this crisis and were somehow able to have two amazing months of just making music together and sending melodies, sending little snippets of beats. Pablo works incredibly quickly, and I always think that, for me, pace is a really exciting thing in the studio. My favourite pieces have great pace and excitement. That’s also [about] being able to be quite sort of… egoless with ideas. So Pablo was my life line during the first lockdown.

❏ The new album is very different from Magdalene which signified a very dark period in her life on multiple levels


It’s nice that this [new] record really is very separate from that, in a way. I feel like I’m able to… It’s maybe too simplistic to put it this way, but I just feel like I can laugh again and have fun again. I think the album really reflects that. The fact that you say you’re cooking to it, you’re running to it and you’re vibing to it every single day is just a testament to that

❏ She is potentially more proud of the new album than even Magdalene (even though she is proud of Magdalene too, she feels like the new album is more generous and vibey)


I have a feeling that it will be one of my favourite things I’ve ever created. When I’m older and I look back, I think Magdalene is gonna be something that I’m so proud of, and I am proud of it. But this next project is a lot more generous. I’m just feeling a bit more vibey, to be honest with you.


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7 minutes ago, RAMROD said:

Is it ICY PARK or HAUSLABS? :oprah:


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God she is so beautiful it makes me want to rip my skin off :excited2: I cannot wait for this album and am so curious as to what it was originally called...

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Saw this on a twigs sh!tposting FB group and... THIS IS GENIUS HELLO??


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