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🐍 Official visual for Dorian Electra's remix of "Replay" 🐍


Gaga Joins Brad Pitt in David Leitch's Action Thriller 'Bullet Train'


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I’m excited, however I can’t wait to hopefully see her in a horror movie soon! :giveup:

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booked and busy wow The film boasts an impressive ensemble that includes Joey King, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Masi Oka and two-time Oscar nominee Michael

Wikipedia says the film started shooting november 16th so she's probably been silent because she was preparimg for the role

Two movies in the works, yeah LG7 2025   Who are Collider and are they reliable?


Please let this be a lead role. I’m longing to see Gaga in an action movie!

A killer soundtrack with other artists would be awesome too! 

Edit: I’ve just read that it’s a small supporting role 😭

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I am happy she is thriving in acting now too. Those Oscars acting nom really did something :applause:



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12 minutes ago, Suuus said:

The Gucci movie is confirmed i believe 

Great.  I was so disappointed when Streisand was talking about making a remake of ASIB starring Gaga and John Travolta and that never happened.  I believe that was in 2015.   Luckily Bradley saved the day.

Edit.  Nvm it was Gypsy that fell through and that was so sad.

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