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Honest Vocal Coach: New Gaga video in approx 4 weeks

3 hours ago, Helxig said:

What the HELL Georgina?! You can't just leak info like that :laughga:  they'll be coming for her YouTube channel soon!

Yeah you can tell she's new at this, bless her :laughga: 

4 hours ago, TSUNAMI said:

Because she is honest and good and deserve this. 


Gaga was always good to good people. She is distancing herself from self absorbed people because she don't want to be called pretentious again. 


Georgina's reaction to ROM was so pure and endearing, her team were probably made aware of that.

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3 minutes ago, Red said:

g0rl I think the "Chromatica style" ship has sailed, 911 ignored it

I mean, you're totally right, but I think 911 was so so personal for Gaga that she wanted to make a little masterpiece with that MV. And she did. So maybe she'll return to some chromatica "planet" idea with some new mvs? Hope so. 

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Interesting, I don't think she would lie but who knows. 


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