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Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed

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10 minutes ago, Replay said:

I love the live performances particularly on the Bangerz World Tour


I'm not sure I liked this as a creative performance, but she sounded amazing. I love her voice. 

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I remember the German media calling it a darker tone for Miley and her going away from the "innocent kids star" image to a more mature tone.

3 years later....

 Wrecking Ball: *exists*

Media: :wtfga:  :wtf:  :fatcat:  :air:  :deadbanana:  :rip: 

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I remember this bop playing at the gay club back in the day, I loved seeing the video on the big screens. 

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8 hours ago, Ikonik said:

Oh I miss those days when pop music was amazing and not cheap latin sht, the music were just sexy and not grotesque a$$ scenes with the Kardashians to get views :triggered:

And when Gaga's impact was everywhere in the industry :shadow:

A BOP :vegas:

Gurl bad music always existed, and there's amazing latin music as there's "cheap" one just like with every genre :interestinga:

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