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Beyonce - The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition]


okay so i saw the film last night  and i truly can't believe this woman :bradley: she tops herself everytime, the visuals were BEYOND anything we saw, truly one of the best nowadays artists

when i first heard the soundtrack a year ago it didn't click for me but after watching the gift i gotta say i'm obsessed now, been listening to it non-stop

so glad she introduced the world to the african culture :golfclap:

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... and now i just sit in silence.


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organic salad
On 7/31/2020 at 1:57 AM, 1ooo d0veZ said:


And yet the new "Black is King"  film is better than anything released during the last 3 Gaga eras. If you would've told me in July of 2013 that Beyonce would go on to continuously trump Gaga in the visuals and live performance departments from then on, I would've probably coughed up blood from laughing. I guess that's the price you pay hiring your friends to basically run your pop career for you. 


A low down pitiful shame. 

Beyoncé is a CULTURAL ICON. Black is King. Watch and weep, all those racists out there.

That said... Visuals are fine, but what about the MUSIC? I thought it's all about the music? :ladyhaha: 

Shallow (ASIB) won for Best Original Song. Beyoncé's Lion King track Spirit was shortlisted but NOT even nominated for an Oscar. 

ASIB beat The Lion King for Best Soundtrack at the Grammys. I'll Never Love Again (ASIB) WON over Beyoncé's "Spirit" (The Lion King) for Best Song written for Visual Media. 

The Oscars. The Grammys. Voted on by INDUSTRY professionals, not fanatic amateurs.

Oh, an Oscar nom for acting!

A pitiful SHAME, indeed. :ladyhaha:


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