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My Chromatica Ball Tour Storyline + Setlist

Warhol Killer

Yes it's another one of these threads. I already posted this as a post on one thread, but I think it deserves a thread of its own. :ohwell: The story will be her after falling into the world of Chromatica. She meets the different tribes throughout the world and fights her way to be free through music.

// brief storyline 



// After falling into the world of Chromatica, she wonders and tries to find freedom.

1. Alice

2. Scheiße (first verse + chorus + bridge + chorus breakdown as outro) 

// She finds freedom through fame, and meets the different hauses: Cyber Kinds, Eco Warriors, and Kindness Punks.

3. Free Woman


// The different hauses celebrate and dance, as she had already "found" her "freedom".

4. Stupid Love

5. Just Dance/Poker Face/Applause (medley)

// In the end of all the celebration, she still does not feel right, and realizes she is still not free.

6. Fun Tonight 


// She meets the other hauses: Junkyard Scavengers, and Government Officials. Here she finds the dark meaning in fame and public image.

7. Paparazzi (acoustic first verse  + studio chorus)

// They try to change her to a more "likeable" Gaga, to satisfy the masses with her new found fame. She rages as Aura starts.

8. Plastic Doll/Aura (medley)

INTERLUDE + CHROMATICA II (with Dance In The Dark elements) - ACT II

// She finds out the darker elements to fame: love, sex, trauma, and pain, after being "fixed" by the hauses.

9. 911 (with elements of Government Hooker)

10. Telephone/LoveGame (medley)

11. Sour Candy

12. Enigma/Replay (medley - with band outro)

// She meets a new haus, the Freedom Fighters, and tell her the only way to heal herself is through music.


// The cure through music is introduced by a new haus, the Spiritual Ones. They heal her, and fix her again.

13. Sine From Above (with extended band outro)

14. 1000 Doves/Million Reasons (acoustic medley)


15. The Edge Of Glory (acoustic first verse - chorus + studio end bridge - last chorus)

16. Marry The Night (first verse + chorus + bridge + chorus breakdown as outro)

// After being healed, she gathers the different tribes, and tells the only way to find freedom, is within herself. 

BAND OUTRO + INTERLUDE (with Born This Way elements) - ACT IV

17. Born This Way (first verse + chorus + bridge + last chorus)

18. Bad Romance (first verse + chorus + bridge + last chorus)

// She accepts all her failures, her insecurities, and celebrates her survival on heartbreak.

19. Rain On Me


// The camera pans out to all of them dancing happily, as the celebration is real this time.


// We see the different tribes dancing all together, as the dry land suddenly grew trees because of the "rain". They dance in Babylon.

20. Babylon


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This is one of the best fan-made setlists I’ve seen!  My only critiques are that I’m reasonably sure she’ll include Shallow somewhere and I don’t think Poker Face will be part of a medley (she realizes the GP loves that song) and everyone goes crazy when she performs it live.

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This is awesome.  Need to add shallow though. It’s her biggest hit ever. 

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