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Events/tragedies that happened in 2020 so far

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welp, that's 1% of it all

there have been a lot of cyclones and storms in the south of brazil (heeere)

also a cloud of grasshoppers threatening the crops down in argentina

+ the dust cloud from sahara

+china has been messy, and not only socio-politically, but one of their dams (i think the largest in the world?) is at risk of opening because of floods 


+the mayor of seoul disappeared and died

+amazon still burning

+glaad stats show acceptance of lgbt people in decline

+pig influenza (H1N2) on the rise

+the economic situation


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ice heard one side from above
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...but there's been a fair share of good news too, maybe not as imminent or spoken about than the bad ones, but they're there

the rise of BLM for one

and also everytime @FfFfFfFF makes a science thread it's a glimmer of hope :firega:

ice heard one side from above
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Wasn't there a locust plague somewhere?

The Artic is experiencing a heat wave. 

J.K. Rowling has been revealed as a transphobic TERF

The full on zombie like rise of Karens. 

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13 minutes ago, Twitter said:

Half of these dates aren’t even correct.

That’s a tragedy in itself. :bear:

You’re more than welcome to provide the right ones. Mr Right DatePolice :triggered:

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Red Velvet

June 26: How You Like That by BLACKPINK is released, other toxic K-pop stans found dead.

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I would say something about Florida getting 15k covid cases in one day but we all know we'll break that record in the next week or two easily :fatcat:

Seeing voices 🖐️🖤
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Remember when everyone thought Kim jung un was thought to be dead and were simping for his sister!? 

dont find me on grindr anymore i have a bf
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July 3: the Anti Terrorism Bill was signed by Pres. Duterte 

"By FaR ThE MoSt IrRiTatInG PoSteR oN "ChRoMaTiCa" DisCusSion.
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