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Man with bow and arrow tries to harm protesters

Morphine Prince

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he does not know how to hold that bow omg.

I own a bow and have only tried it out a handful of times in like my backyard but like WOW, he has no clue how to use that thing.


:ladyhaha: Conservatives get all big an tough only to be unskilled.

I got drunk
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Regina George

What was he even trying to do? God help us all. 

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Thomas P

This is so scary wtf.

Now he’s on fox saying he was harmed in his car by violent protestors. Smfh 

I’m a simple guy to please, if you like Melodrama, we chill.
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"I'm am American!"

And you don't own...idk, a gun? :toofunny: I'm a little lefty liberal gay guy and even I own a damn gun :toofunny:

Why was he even out there? Could have just stayed in his car or better yet, stayed home.

Seeing voices 🖐️🖤
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This is pathetic but also scary. God knows what would have happened if he was proficient. I was at the protests the other day but left before some riots happened, and I worry between this and some cops freaking running over protestors....Charge Chauvin with 2nd degree murder instead of 3rd degree (he deserves first imo, but I think that has to be premeditated), the other cops as accessories to murder, and this might calm down a bit. I also think once the weekend is over it will calm down a bit.

And I understand rioting...the language of the unheard...but it's also kind of sad. The protest I was at was very peaceful & then these white kids started throwing **** at local businesses (that's when I took my as* out of there). I'm not crying over corporations, but white kids destroying local small,mostly POC owned businesses is sad and of course it's just material & there is insurance & a life is far more important BUT you know the news focuses on the destruction and the peaceful protestors get overshadowed. TBH I don't think the white kids causing destruction are locals either.

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