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Lady Gaga IG: Valentine’s Day


I normally drag folks who drag her team, but yikes...they should not have her taking sponsored posts by Klarna. I understand partnering with Amazon, Apple, Target, Reebok, Nike,  etc. like most celebrities do for their various make up lines, clothing lines, etc., but there's a difference between doing that and taking on a sponsored paid post imo for a problematic company (all companies are problematic, tbf, but there are levels). If Bobby wants her to do some of that advertising, she should do something like the Weeknd does with Mercedes or Lana did with Jaguar back in the day. I think what's worse is that Gaga is probably unaware, as many still are, but there's no way Bobby is unaware....


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On 2/14/2020 at 3:12 PM, Jose P said:
On 2/14/2020 at 12:59 PM, Zander said:

The only thing people should be dragging her for is not tagging the designer of that dress (who is an young emerging designer) :/

Shea said it best;


Ok Shea we get it, you hate Gaga :triggered: 

The thing is:

1) can you shout out another brand in a paid post tho?

2) Shea actually commented under this post, saying the dress was phenomenal and tagged Weslah. But.... Don't know if this was  shady passive aggressiveness (echoing her Twitter sentiments) or subversive passive aggressiveness ( like,  "helping out" cus she knew she cant tag another brand in a paid post) 🤔

3) Either way, Weslah and LaMaisonGaga reposted the pic with all the names attached. Worse comes to worse, a sufficiently curious person would realize can check the tagged tab for cross-references


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