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Production: 7/10. Too simple. Lack of synthpop/bassline instruments. Almost no 80s influence.

Lyrics: 9/10

Cover: 7/10. I don't like the cover. Where is her face? That seagull shirt makes her look like a man.

1. "Welcome to New York"  9/10 : the most 80s sounding track of the album. A catchy pop song. 

2."Blank Space"  10/10 : pop perfection at its finest. 

3.''Style" 10/10: has some 80s influence. The opening is boring but the chorus and bridge when she shouts ''Take me home''is catchy.

4."Out of the Woods" 10/10: an earworm. Amazing bridge. She doesn't write this song though.

5."All You Had to Do Was Stay"  9/10: the opening is very boring. Only when the chorus kicks in does the catchy part of the song begin.

6."Shake It Off"  7/10: quite catchy but nothing special.

7."I Wish You Would" 9/10: Again, the opening is very boring with zero replay value. Catchy chorus and bridge. Taylor is very weak at creating catchy opening while Carly Rae has catchier and more sophisticated opening that keeps me bopping from the beginning to the end of the song.

8."Bad Blood" 9/10: good bop.

9."Wildest Dreams" 10/10: so haunting !

10."How You Get the Girl"  9/10  .Again, the opening is very boring with zero replay value. The rest is catchy.

11."This Love"  8/10: Absolutely no replay value and boring. The bass at 2:40 is earworm though.

12."I Know Places"  4/10: Unlistenable. 

13.''Clean''  8/10: good but nothing special.

14.''Wonderland'' 9/10: generic electropop/dubstep song but catchy.

15."New Romantics"  10/10: the best song of the album. 80s Pet Shop Boys influenced. the chorus falls flat though.

Conclusion: The most overrated artist commercially-wise of the decade. Taylor's music is good but doesn't have replay value like Carly's music and her production falls flat and one-dimensional while Carly's shines with her brillant and sophisticated production

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Production: 10/10.

Cover: 10/10. At night when you turn all the lights off, the colorful shirt that she is wearing is in stark contrast with the black background. Genius.

Lyrics: 9/10: Pop music is all about melodies first, production second. lyrics aren't that important. We gays just want bops.

1. "Run Away with Me" 10/10. Pop perfection at its finest. Amazing bridge. Sax opening is addictive.

2.''Emotion'' 10/10: pop perfection

3."I Really Like You"  9/10: catchy but kinda childish.

4."Gimmie Love" 10/10: pop perfection

5."All That"  7/10: not catchy

6."Boy Problems" 10/10. An absolute earworm. Catchy and funky. 90s Daft Punk influenced. 

7."Making the Most of the Night"  8/10: kinda overproduced.

8."Your Type" 10/10:  pop perfection

9."Let's Get Lost"  7/10: don't like it

10."LA Hallucinations"  7/10: don't like it

11."Warm Blood" 10/10: experimental. 

12."When I Needed You"  10/10. 80s throwback Cyndi Lauper and Madonna

13."Black Heart" 9/10: catchy. 80s influence Depeche Mode

14."I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance" 9/10: generic European dance bop.

Conclusion: Excellent pop album. Stop giving awards and buying Taylor's albums. Buying Carly's work of art instead.

15."Favourite Colour" 10/10: pop perfection.

Conclusion: Excellent pop album. Stop giving awards and buying Taylor's albums. Buying Carly's work of art instead. E.MO.TION SIDE B is more 80s influenced and has more replay value though.

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Ariana Grande - "Dangerous Woman" [Deluxe Edition] (2016)


Rate - 9.5/10 

I would say this is her best album, but Ms. Grande has 3 fantastic albums - so, I'll say that this is one of her best. 'Dangerous Woman' showed not only growth in Grande's sound, but also in image. She tossed her trademark cat ears and replaced them with bada*s, latex bunny ears. This entire era was iconic in every way - almost every single deserved to hit #1 (thank you, Drake).


Album standouts - "Moonlight", "Into You", "Greedy", "Focus" 

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Britney Spears-Circus


Undoubtably Britney's best album. Dance bops, a number one single, deep cuts, all of the above. The album is mainly synthpop with R&B influence on select tracks. Her vocals are not as good as they were on, say, In The Zone, but they're surely not her worst. 

Top Songs: Circus, Shattered Glass, Unusual You, Blur, Phonography
Bottom Songs: Rock Me In, My Baby


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Sebastiaan De Graaf

Taylor Swift: Reputation


This must be one of the most risky and best pop albums of this decade!


....Ready For It: 8.5*/10*

End Game: 8*/10*

I Did Something Bad: 9.5*/10*

Don't Blame Me: 7.5*/10*

Delicate: 9*/10*

Look What You Made Me Do: 10+*/10*

So It Goes...: 6.5*/10*

Gorgeous: 8*/10*

Getaway Car: 9*/10*

King Of My Heart: 7.5*/10*

Dancing With Our Hands Tied: 9*/10*

Dress: 7*/10*

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: 9*/10*

Call It What You Want: 8*/10*

New Years Day: 7*/10*


Overall: 8+*/10*


Album cover: 10*/10*, just amazing and symbolic

Production: 9*/10*, véry good! 


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That J

Xtina Liberation..


There are some fine moments and I love the art in the booklet.  The album suffers only from the fact it misses certain elements that made Christina a star to begin with.  On certain songs, you can hear her stepping back.  But she can not win.  When she goes full ahead, she is deemed "oversinging", when she doesnt it's all "where is the voice?"

Maybe that is the point of being liberated. Finding the middle ground that works for you.  

And if that's the case, then stay liberated baby.  

The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw


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High as Hope by Florence + the Machine


Rating: 10/10

Lyrics: 10/10: As always, florence delivers lyrics that shake your feelings (Which is not that easy to find lately).

1- "June" 10/10: Top tier poetry.

2- "Hunger'' 10/10: Catchy, and relatable.

3- "South London Forever"  10/10: "There can be nothing better than this" .

4- "Big God" 10/10: This one made me cry (The video is an artpiece).

5- "Sky Full Of Song"  10/10: This makes me soar.

6- "Grace" 10/10. Heart warming song about her sister. 

7- "Patricia"  10/10: A wonderful homage to Patti Smith, catchy.

8- "100 Years" 10/10:  A perfect song about protesting, sad and surreal lyrics.

9."The End Of Love"  10/10: Just beautiful.

10."No Choir"  10/10: This embodies the painful feeling of loneliness.

Not an album that tries to fit in to make the charts but to express feelings in the best possible way where the instruments and the lyrics become one expression. As good as Lungs and Ceremonials just a bit better.





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