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Rate the last album you listened to

Lion Heart

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1. laughing and not being normal - 9/10 2. California - 8.5/10 3. SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes) - 7/10 4. Flesh without Blood - 10/10 5. Belly of the Beat - 8/10 6. Kill V. Maim

Caracal by Disclosure = 10/10 I am surprised I liked every single song on the album, when I only liked a few on their debut album. This album is just great and I find anything wrong with it. Everythi

This is such a great album!!

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Lion Heart


Frank Ocean - blond

Rating: 9.0/ 10

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El mal querer - Rosalía


A unique, creative and challenging piece of art :applause:  I love the flamenco sounds combined with pop, modern R&B, urban and reggaetón and it includes a lot of great and memorable moments. One flaw that I can see is that a lot of the songs are shorter than the usual 3 minutes length, but I wouldn't change anything else about it.

Highlights: Malamente, Que no salga la luna, Pienso en tu mirá, Bagdad, Nana, Maldición



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Bubblegum Bitch


Taylor Swift — Red

8,2 / 10

This is my first Taylor Swift's album I've listened to full. And it was pretty enjoyable experience. I liked the sound, though sometimes I thought that many songs sound the same, they have no catchy hooks. Anyway, my favorite songs from "Red" are "State of Grace" (it gave me so good 2011/2012 nostalgic vibes, I give 10 to this track!), "I Knew You Were Trouble", "Stay Stay Stay" and... "Girl at Home". 


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Madonna - Celebration


The title track still sounds amazing after ten years.

Also after watching this 2009 music video, again right now for posting it here.  I am about 75% sure that Madonna started the trend of professional dancers uploading their personal dance videos on YouTube.

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It's a very nice album, nowhere near as dark, chaotic or collaborative as she originally stated it to be, but it's a beautiful collection of songs anyways. In typical Grimes' fashion, songs are dream-like, industrial and highly introspective. 

Lyrically wise it is perhaps more explicit tham her previous material, exploring darker themes. The album's lenght is just about enough to allow the audience to dive into her mind, without extending the experience more than necessary. 

"Idoru" is probably the album's most pallatable track, I'd say: 


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Genet Planet Boy

Dorian Electra - Flamboyant : 8/10

Adam Lambert - Velvet : 9/10

Whitney Houston - Whitney : 10/10 

Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia : 9/10


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