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Coleen Rooney exposes Rebekah Vardy for selling false stories about her

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Normally, I'm not the least bit interested in anything to do with footballers spouses (they haven't been relevant in years, once the WAG fad ended) but this is just too good. Coleen Rooney, Wayne Rooney's wife, just posted a message on her Instagram claiming that her friend, fellow footballer's wife, Rebekah Vardy, backstabbed her by selling private stories about Coleen to The Sun newspaper. Not only this, she details how she worked out it was her with some top notch detective work:


That's right, Coleen deliberately fed Rebekah (and only Rebekah) false stories about herself to prove that only she could be the one selling these stories. Despite reports claiming that Coleen was using gender selection to get a girl, she had another boy. And the public was surprised when the papers reported that Coleen was hoping to revitalise her tv career as she never had a tv career to begin with, apart from one presenting gig. It now makes sense. It was all part of the plan to be revealed at a later date that this was all made up for a purpose.

Full story here (with some celebrity reactions and memes): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7553823/Coleen-Rooney-accuses-Rebekah-Vardy-selling-stories-extraordinary-rant.html


Gotta hand to Coleen, I've never been a fan of her, or any WAG, for that matter, but she really did well here. Looks like everyone underestimated her. She did get 10 GCSE's, so she's not exactly the bimbo a lot of people would stereotype her as. Like many people, I've never trusted Rebekah, she seemed shady and sneaky, especially during her stint on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here. With rumours that her husband's parents warned him off her, that her ex claimed that she told him to his face that she'd upgraded when she dumped him for her husband...this sounds like someone who likely feels very jealous of anyone who's more famous than her and Coleen is totally the most famous current WAG right now. Don't know how many people on GGD will be invested in UK celebrity drama but no matter where you're from, if you love celebrity scandal, this is juicy!

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Gimme More

Colleen slayed :firega:

love how the UK Celebs and press have been praising her for being so clever! she's literally been trending on twitter all day :firega:

people can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth...


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