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Stefani Tee

Felicity Huffman Sentenced to 14 Days in Prison in College Bribery Case

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Well this thread got kinda messy :triggered: OT: although she did own up-to everything etc etc I do think 14 days is too short a sentence



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1 hour ago, t e a said:

i didn't say, nor imply, any of this. lol, it's just you. projecting. also, you can't base anything on "history," because there is never a history, there are always histories. narratives. plural, that is. anyway, what i meant is that a broken system can only be replaced by another broken system. "fixing" will never mean that equality or whatever is absolutely achieved (and those ideals are forever unattainable, btw). also, i don't know why you think that my statement was cynical. i never said that any attempt to break a broken system just to replace it with another broken one is useless. but, i guess, you can see the irony in that, right? so no cynicism here, just pure irony. lol.

Thank you for clarifying and explaining what you meant. I guess I projected what the other person was saying on to what you said. 

I completely agree about the histories and that there isn't one history. I just meant in general. 

And I also agree with you that there won't ever be a perfect system. But unlike what the other person was saying, that doesn't mean you just accept it and not try to make it better. 

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3 hours ago, Rainbow1 said:

tell that to this woman 


Didn't she also have drug charges against her? :hmm:

I mean, it's ridiculous to get in trouble for this at all so your point stands regardless, I just remember seeing somethint about this lady and drugs :sweat:

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What about Lori Loughlin? She basically did the same.

I'm surprised we don't hear more about these cases, because I'm sure they happen a lot more often than we'd think. Rich people buy their way into everything.

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