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According to an "insider", Gaga's New single - Story Of My Body OUT 6/09

Mana Mahad

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Xoxo Adriana
1 minute ago, Mana Mahad said:


The collab rumors




I mean, at least they made it more realistic than all the other "insiders" saying "RiHannAAA on LG66666"

but still this just looks like a delusional fan wanting Gaga to collaborate with his own personal favourite artists. Look up some of the stuff these "collaborations" do and see if it links to the fake news they came up with dnhjnjwhdbnjhwb.

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Omg really? 

This person, if not you, just took the rumor about f being the 6th letter of the alphabet. :ladyhaha: and added the Story of my body + Dangerous pain part :ladyhaha: Try at least to sound real

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Just now, aussypat said:

You just reminded me that I need to feed my neopets

play subeta instead or at least sign up with my referral so I get a point :ally:

My neopets are dead jumpstart kiled the game tbbh

"There could be 99 toilets in a house, and it's my house" - River, 2021
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So she dedicated a whole album to her health struggles? :laughga:

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Story Of My Body..?  :oprah:

Dangerous Pain...? :triggered:

These titles do sound like Dark Bops. though :flop:

Taking an extended break from GGD. Ttyl.
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1 hour ago, KatieJudasGaga4 said:

Would an account with 0 followers lie?


And pretty sure you made this since they posted this 2 minutes ago.

get em GIF

She's married to me but her heart belongs to Gaga
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Smother Em Eh

A song about her fibromyalgia? Really? :laughga:

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Ew lmao those titles are so stupid 🤦🏻‍♀️ how could anyone honestly believe Gaga would release an album called Dangerous Pain... & Story of My Body sounds like a charity song or the theme song to an animated movie 😂

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Pop Music

love the title but nice try sis :messga:

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