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Stefani Tee

Super bowl halftime setlist IF A-YO was second single.

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So I was watching Super bowl halftime show, and I thought that if second single was not changed and A-YO was second single, the setlist would be quite different, and we would not have iconic ”hey dad hi mom” moment:oops:


So this is my setlist when A-Yo was second single:

Poker Face



Just Dance

You and I (I think at least ballad should be in the show&this song deserves it)

Bad Romance


I think is hard to make a setlist with A-YO because of ayo has different sound compared with her another upbeat song.

So tell me your setlist with ayo!


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If A-YO was the 2nd single, Gaga would have snubbed it and performed Perfect Illusion. 

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Yeah the MR performance and the parents shout out was a lot of people’s favorite moment :flutter:

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There’s no way she would have cut out Born This Way. She performed it in Texas and in front of 100million people for a reason

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