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Best Madonna Studio Album 'Cover'

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12 minutes ago, Loeppke said:

It's literally the biggest mess of an album cover. The album was originally called Black Madonna, a reference that would have flown over 90% of the GP, complete with a photoshoot of her in blackface. Thankfully, the idea was scrapped and the title was changed to Give It To Me, and a wrestling-themed photoshoot took place. The title once again changed to Hard Candy but she must have ran over budget or something and they didn't want to scrap the photoshoot, so they just photoshopped hard candies behind her :lana:

i know i was just kidding:huntyga:

If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not standing in the light.
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2 minutes ago, nerdfacekillah said:

i know i was just kidding:huntyga:

It's too late, the wrath of @Haroon will be inflicted upon you

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like what you see? my number is 1-800-u-wish
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