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Stefani Tee
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Beyoncé - Spirit (from The Lion King)

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She sounds beautiful :bradley: it doesn’t strike me as memorable but maybe it’ll be a grower. Or maybe that won’t even matter. 

I wonder if it’s used during the film or end credits.


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Just listened... 

Really surprised. I was expecting to not like it, but I absolutely love it - beautiful, powerful and very memorable. 

I think this is going to be a big hit and will win the Oscar. 

subtext / fantasy


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Nah, not doing it for me. Just doesn't compare to the scope of the original songs and definitely sounds like a modern take on a Lion King song inspired by the movie. Recapturing the magic of an original's soundtrack is always hard to do. Even Lion King 2's songs, as good as they were, still can't quite compare. I'm not even keen on Beyonce's way of singing these days, very gravelly. Because of who she is, this could get an Oscar nomination, however, but up against Frozen 2, I doubt it'll have a chance and we've not even heard what their offering is yet. Makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief that ASIB was released last year. The stars were really aligned for Gaga on that one. But for Disney to schedule Lion King in the same year as Frozen 2 makes me almost think they didn't want Beyonce to have a huge moment. Even if it didn't have Beyonce, Lion King should've had a year to have its own moment, considering it's such a beloved film.


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