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Stefani Tee

Is "Delicate" Taylors best song?

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This should be renamed to "what's your fav song?" :ally:

But Delicate is the best, indeed. (ha, username checks out!)

But for live versions, the acoustic version of Dancing with Our Hands Tied gets me in the mood every single time. after listening to the All Too Well for a decade and getting used to it, it started to lose its effect on me as well as it was lost on Tay.

Many people claiming she lost her magic in Rep should give it another chance with acoustic versions. I'm loving guitar/piano only Rep era songs more than anything I've heard from her before.:heart:

I also wish we had a clean acoustic version of King of My Heart, I only heard that version in Feb 2019 during a wedding cameo of hers. 


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It is to me! I love the drums in the 2nd verse :bon:

Edit: Also wtf I always thought she says "But you can make me intrigued" in the intro but it's "You can make me a drink" :emma:

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'Cuz I love you better than 💚


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Dear John is the only correct answer :sorry:

who will love me when the night is over


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