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Stefani Tee

Gaga wipes her genitals on stage

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J e s s e
On 6/10/2019 at 9:37 PM, NightOwner said:

Is Haus Beauty launching makeup remover wipes?

Looks like *** juice remover wipes!:messga:

"They have as much in common as dinosaurs and goldfish: the cracker kind!" - Penelope Garcia
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Sexy. Love it ! A simple and direct way to say "I'm wet for you, babe !"... I mean, come on... I for one would like to know how she smells down there... Honestly I find this funny and very cool ! So many plaster saint reactions here, I'm a bit surprised...

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Late to the party but I got a diamond heart
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I just love how she's comfortable onstage to the point that she had the IDEA of doing that and then she DID it


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