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USA now forces visa applicants to expose all social media

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Trump helping economy once again!!!!! :flutter:


This time by reducing tourism :awesome:


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Henri Bardot
49 minutes ago, Henri Bardot said:

What's the goal tho? 

When they literally get a mass shooting at least once a year. 

Their "national security" is threatened by their own citizens. 

I'll apply in 1 week or so :poot:

Inb4 they deny mine because of this

boys don't cry


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What else is new? This news is only shocking to people living with First world privilege like Europeans.

People live in South East Asia had got used to this extreme vetting. Do you know they are required to even show their bank account statement when applying visa for USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, and European countries, when it doesn't works the other way around, even when they are poor af to travel to the point begging for fellow white tourist or even local Asians who already got too much to worry on the street, a phenomenon called as Beg Packers?? Eye opening isn't it? That is the First World previlege.  Shall the Asians or other POC do the same thing in these first world countries, they'd treated with contempt.


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