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Lana Del Rey - Guns and Roses

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Lona Delery

yeah everyone hates it but its one of my faves. the bridge redeems the chorus

Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind, I wanna get off but I keep riding the ride
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19 hours ago, rumours said:

Came here thinking there was some sort of a Lana Del Rey X Guns N' Roses collab... :emma:

My hip pop from running to this thread could be heard in outer space

season 4 netflix GIF by Gilmore Girls

Your hip broke because you find a Lana solo which is better. :giveup:

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Just took a listen (twice) before making my comment. The lyrics (especially chorus) are quite repetitive. It gets hard to listen to in by the last chorus. What I can appreciate is the production! It's all drums and electric guitar, and it's reminiscent of like old-school rock ballads. It's slow, but with its rock influence -- makes it feel unique. I think it was a good track to include with the album, but also fits as a "bonus track". I think there are FAR greater tracks on the album including Cruel World, Shades of Cool, Black Beauty and Flipside. 


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