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ASIB things that bothered you?


Clover wasn’t on soundtrack and a lot deleted scenes should’ve been in movie. 


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I have a lot lmfao


- The movie was less a musical and more of a film with music. I think it’s refreshing and would have preferred to see them burst out into songs sort of like in Mamma Mia! (the tub scene was a great way for her to sing Before I Cry to herself for a bit). They kind of did it during the parking lot scene with Shallow.

- More duets with Ally & Jack shown and played out rather than in the background. I would have loved to see Music to My Eyes played out. 

- Jack proposing to Ally could have been a better executed, it felt really rushed for me. 

- I would have preferred Is That Alright? to have had its moment. IDKWLI is kind of boring for the wedding scene. 

- It would have been Oscar worthy your to see Ally find Jack and even having a proper funeral scene for him. 

- Too much swearing. “f ucking, f cking” every damn sentence. I found it kind of difficult to understand Jack and Sam Elliot with all their mumbling. 

- They should touched on the Tinnitus stuff a little more, it was just kind of randomly placed, the beginning of the movie made it seemed like it would be a major part in the film. Maybe instead of Jack dying, he could have lost his hearing completely and never be able to hear Ally sing again. 

- I found the editing kind of choppy, and it felt like a PART 1 and PART 2 movie for me. PART 1 was cute, funny, awkward then PART 2 was just Ally as a pop star with a dark tone. I get this was the progression of the movie but I felt like I was watching two different films.

- Shallow studio version needs to surface/should have be in the music video at least. 

- They could have done great promo by releasing the full SNL performance of WDYDT on YouTube since it was definitely filmed multiple times according to fans who were on the set. 

- I hate the releases they’ve been doing. Why not just wait to release the bonus features all at once instead of releasing an Encore version months later? I also feel like in the deluxe editions of the soundtrack they should at least come with extra tracks like Clover. 


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On 4/15/2019 at 2:08 PM, Jadeykins said:

Jack writing a song that's clearly about him dying "I wanna pretend that it's not true oh baby that you're gone" that is basically saying that ally is not allowed to ever love anyone else or fin anyone else to be happy with 😂 makes it seem kinda twisted when you think of it like. Although you could just imagine her writing in those bits (sort of) 

Jack only wrote certain parts, including the part that he played on the piano

Don't wanna give my heart away / to another stranger

Don't let another day begin, won't even let the sunlight in

no I'll never love again, never love again....

It makes sense that he could've written those lines, and Ally finished the song, writing the lyrics that allude to his death. 

It's poetic in a way because Jack finished Shallow, and Ally finished INLA


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The final 15 minutes of the film should've been doubled to give Ally more time reacting to Jackson's suicide. Gaga can act, & I don't think the scenes following the suicide gave her any quality material to work with (aside from the INLA performance). 

The wedding scene was ridiculous as well. Pacing was an issue throughout the entire film. I know Cooper chose to focus on the music/the close up to move the story, and I applaud him for that because its difficult to execute well, but I think the relationship between Jack & Ally needing a little more fleshing out. When they married, I thought both characters were crazy. 


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