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What's Your Favorite JoJo Song?

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Oooh, I love JoJo ;)

So - Save My Soul, Baby It's You, Too Little Too Late...top 3. 


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16 minutes ago, SamanthaC said:


And then this came up on my Instagam. :saladga:



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12 hours ago, T Swizzle said:

recently i've been obsessed with jojo and have fallen in love with her especially her The High Road album. My favs are definitely




mine are from

2004 sessions (debut): Leave (Get Out) and Kinda Shy

The High Road :  Too Little Too Late

All I Want Is Everything (unreleased 2008/2009 sessions): Paper Airplanes, Keep forgetting (To forget about you) and Forever In My Life

Can't Take that away (Mixtape): In The Dark

Jumping Trains (unreleased 2010/2011 sessions): Lie To Me, Touch Down, Sexy To Me and the other bitch

Mad Love (released + unreleased): FAB, Good Thing, High Heels (Released)

Synthetic, Instant Impact, Don't Give Out My Love, I Won't, Far From Heaven and Relax


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