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What kind of accent does Gaga speak with?

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I just found this super interesting article about her accents in her songs with vocal clips added in:



I knew I wasn't crazy to think she has 'Gaga'isms'. The way she adds and 'aah' to the end of words, stresses the wrong parts of words, her nasality etc.

They even mention how she stopped doing that so much after ARTPOP. Which makes sense as to why a lot of people said Joanne didn't sound like her. Remove the Gaga'isms and add in some Southern inflections and it's a whole different voice.


And funnily enough the songs referenced for her overarticulating her T's and P's were all from ARTPOP :laughga:   the same era where she was overarticulating in her speaking voice in interviews. I knew it was all relative.

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It’s so funny to me how her accent changes depending on the city or country she’s in. Her accent at American shows is different from European shows :ladyhaha:

I feel invincible with my headphones on...


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