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Why Did Everyone Jump To Kesha's Aid But Not

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7 minutes ago, RAMROD said:

Have Kesha going on and off about it? Cos these kids did. They came from accusing MJ, then said their parents made them do it, and then back to their first statement now when MJ is long dead and cannot defense himself, :shrug:

Who are you talking about lol

That doesn't apply to any of the people who came forward as victims :rip:


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Lady Placenta

Um...what forum are you reading where EVERYONE defended Kesha against Dr. Luke? I've seen arguments on both sides in both instances. And I will say right now that I don't believe Wade or James because, like many have pointed out, they have a contradictory past and their documentary did not change my stance.

And before that one user tries it: I am not an MJ fan blindly defending him. I don't listen to any of his music; not because of him, it's just not my taste. So, don't try it.



cultus ad caelos, palutena. dea lucis.
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12 minutes ago, DelusionalGaga said:

It has everything to do with fan culture. Kesha is a beloved popstar with a lot of fans while Dr Luke is a shady figure in the background with nobody to defend him. In the MJ case the dynamics are reversed. The abuser is a well-known, adored superstar while his victims or accusers are unknown and have less people in their corner. People are more likely to believe someone who they (believe to) know and love. It's basically an instinct. 

If someone in your private life (family member, friend, bf, gf) told you they got abused by somebody, you'd likely believe them regardless of whether they presented you a ton of evidence or not. Most people would be disgusted and enraged by the thought of somebody abusing a child but still have their stan goggles on when it comes to MJ. 

It's more than that though. I am a fan of MJ (the type that grew up with him, like a few songs but don't really listen to his music) and I don't believe he did what he's accused of simply because these kids have been coached by their parents and it's the same thing that happened over ten years ago. 

I think what MJ fans dislike the most is the way the media is sensationalising it and dragging his name through the mud and it's like people are forming together to form a lynch mob to take him down. They don't care about evidence or the truth. He's already guilty in their eyes. 


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28 minutes ago, robboadam said:

That’s literally just what MJ did to those kids though. And it doesn’t matter when it was done - abuse is abuse. Jimmy Saville was long dead before his crimes became public.

The majority of the users was not even born when the trials happened so they didn't see it live and lived it unlike the Kesha case, this is one of my points..

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I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)
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