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Is Shallow Gaga’s biggest hit since...

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idk Melon Raisins was kinda a smash hit 

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Born This Way was very frontloaded, it lacked longevity (it spent like 20 weeks on Billboard 100 despite being 6 weeks at #1) ala Look What You Made Me Do.

Also, it's remarkable saying that BTW wasn't very awarded at all, and now, unless songs like PF, BR, Telephone, Paparazzi and Alejandro, is quite forgotten (in Europe, idk in US).

Shallow may not have the astronomical numbers of BTW in the US, but WW is a biggest hit than BTW and it have the longevity, awards and cultural impact (for the GP, not only for the LGTB) that BTW never really had.

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Gaga’s Biggest WW Hits VS. US Hits (In terms of peaks, cultural relevance, and remembrance)

1. Poker Face  //  Poker Face

2. Bad Romance  //  Bad Romance

3. Just Dance  //  Just Dance

4. Born This Way  //  Born This Way

5. Telephone  //  Telephone

6. Shallow  //  Applause

7. Applause  //  The Edge of Glory

8. Alejandro  //  Alejandro

9. The Edge of Glory  //  Shallow

10. Paparazzi  //  Million Reasons

11. LoveGame  //  Paparazzi

12. Judas  //  LoveGame

13. Million Reasons  //  You and I

14. Do What U Want  //  Do What U Want

15. You and I  //  Judas

16. Perfect Illusion  //  Perfect Illusion

17. Marry The Night  //  Marry The Night

18. G.U.Y.  //  G.U.Y.

Shallow is Gaga’s biggest WW hit since Telephone

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