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Gaga has won 9 Grammys from 9 different categories

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She is truly so versatile, she can pull off any genre wonderfully. So proud of her :kiss:

The melody that you choose can rescue you...


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This is awesome and I didn't realise all 9 awards were in different categories - maybe that's a record in itself! And if I'm not mistaken, I've worked out that 2 more nominations in another 2 categories will put her onto the "most Grammy nominations in most fields" record. She needs at least 8 different categories to get in there and all the general field categories are put under the same umbrella so, her categories nominated in are...general field, pop, traditional pop, dance, music for visual media, music video. Unless traditional pop is included in the pop category, has she been nominated across 6 fields? Making her need just 2 more? I think she can do it. A nomination is all it takes. We know she can do rock and country.

9 hours ago, Red said:

I could have bet my asshole that C2C’s Grammy was for “Best Jazz” Album and not “Traditional Pop” :awkney:

Is “Best Jazz Album” even a real category? :duck:

This bit made my night! :lmao:

No, it was definitely under traditional pop. It honours albums that were what pop was considered years ago. Strange name, though. As for jazz categories, there is best jazz vocal album, followed by a range of similar ones. I don't know what the conditions are to be classed as jazz, though. A lot of jazz is covers, after all, so I didn't think it would be sidelined into traditional pop.

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Mike Raffle
15 hours ago, RAMROD said:

OK, Rap and Metal categories next, then! Let's do this!! :woot:

Yes yes yes. But I still wanna hear that SOPHIE collab too


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