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“trash.” - Ariana @ Mac losing Best Rap Album


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She was probably upset cause she wanted Mac to win... although that is incredibly hypocritical considering she said literally yesterday that Grammy’s dont matter. If you are gonna act unbothered at least ****ing try to stick to your script. Calling another nominee trash (specially a woman when she is a self-proclaimed feminist) just screams fake. 

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14 minutes ago, Luna Lovegood said:

Disgusting attitude.

The donuts say,  I told you so. 

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6 minutes ago, Robo Ga said:

Wait wtf why does she hate Cardi

She just tweeted that it was not about her. Appatently she was just upset Mac Miller did not win and the Recording Academy invited his parents to accept the award in the event he won. 

However it can be taken tge wrong way cause of her relationship with mac and friendship with nicki

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