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'Shallow' wins Pop Duo at GRAMMYs (3rd win)

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6 minutes ago, Gagz4Gaga said:

Girl it’s Pop Duo so Solo Gaga could and would NEVER ever win that category :laughga:

That was the joke :poot:

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Can anyone please post a link to the stream? The ones one the Grammy topic don't work. I'm from Bosnia, I don't have CBS and its 3am here

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Forgot to add stream


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Can she stop this "humble, overwhelmed" thing please. She always looks so distressed, shaking her head doing fake tears and gasps.

You've literally just destroyed all the competition and won 3 Grammys in one night for the smash hits that you wrote. Be happy and proud, celebrate!:firega:

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1 hour ago, Lo Lee Ta said:

did we expect anything different


tell me something girl

who expected joanne(where do you think your going where do you think your going going girl) to ever win something lol


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Please don't come for me but the whole 'god' part lost me a bit...gurl, where's your rad, "make pop ugly" fame monster self!?  I get she's reinvented herself and I'm all for Joanne/ASIB and general public "normalcy" but she's kind of assimilating, which worries me a tad. 

Just disappointed that the message or inference is that we can't seemingly radicalize post-one's twenties...it's okay to be super queer in later stages of one's life  (She is awesome and always changes it up, no doubt) but I don't really recognize her these days.  Very happy for her and am not complaining -- just reflecting on the changes these last 10+ years. 

She really does imbue her artistry with both the Lady and the Gaga.

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