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Hollywood Hates Gaga?

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38 minutes ago, FullPsychotic said:

Well I am not saying The Wife should have won awards but not even nominated? 

So I understand your point but to me it's still strange. Best actress in a not so good movie? 

As for ASIB screenplay I don't think it's weak; maybe some parts could have been better linked...waiting to see the director's cut.


I’m not saying its awful, but it certainly is the weakest aspect of the film overall. There is a lack of continuity and parts feel very disjointed. I too would love to see the directors cut (hopefully we get one!) 

It goes the other way as well. There are absolutely fantastic films in all aspects and the actors aren’t nominated. 

▌│█║▌║▌║That Arizona sky...


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mmmmmm I think that us stans and stan twitter are guilty of making the "100 people in the room" so viral, and because Gaga is the biggest name in this awards season I think everyone is profiting off this. Also, have you seen the interviews from other movies/books press tours? They all say the same thing over and over as well! It's part of the strategy. Only the true fans actually know they repeated the same line because they follow every interview.

Three examples: Gisele Bündhcen and Under Armour, Gisele Bündchen and her first book, Call Me by Your Name.


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On 1/8/2019 at 7:05 AM, Didymus said:


She was not snubbed. She was just up against fierce ass competition. An important distinction, darling. ASIB might have been snubbed perhaps but definitely not Gaga :smh: Every woman up there deserved a win.

The atmosphere on this forum is really beginning to be toxic. I can't believe how many of you deluded yourselves into thinking Gaga was obviously gonna beat acting legends like Close, Colman and Kidman, you totally didn't set yourselves up for disappointment :lmao:

Just be happy she was acclaimed/nominated/the recipient of some impressive acting awards for her performance at all ffs. Not many musicians turned actors achieve that stuff. It's already a triumph and y'all are ruining my good vibes by pretending it's not enough. ****ing stop.

Sweet lord, yes! This!!

It was an absolute honour alone to even receive a nomination on her first Feature Length Movie and whilst her performance was incredible, how many other actresses won the acclaimed title of Best Actress on their first movie? 

Im so proud of the work she achieved in 2018, she continues to silence the haters!

I just wish as a fan base people would continue to be realistic and supportive of her, if she was to read any of the toxicity that is on this site she’s be so sad! 

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Gaga got the award that I thought she would and deserved, song. Her being nominated for acting was generous and complimentary but never a given. Its been odd to me that throughout the hype for these awards shows people, not just us, are assuming she'd win. Im like really?

Also, you've gotta take this womans words with a grain of salt. I think Gaga naturally attracts drama and controversy like this. People love to exaggerate when discussing her and make it a lot more dramatic than it is. I dont think she wont get a nomination. I dont think Hollywood necessarily "hates" her lol like clickbait people, come on. I think the fact shes been nominated so much at all is evidence of the exact opposite actually.

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I'm sorry, but nobody in the movie reporting industry takes Grace Randolph seriously. You always see her stans claim she's reliable, but they start getting mute when asking them for proof of things she's gotten right in the past.

She's made so many false reports about Disney, Star Wars and the DCEU it's ridiculous.  


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