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When Gaga had Space Cowboy just for show.

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7 hours ago, freebit said:

I wonder what happened to Space Cowboy. Last I read he was working with Xenomania, but that was back in 2012-13. He is basically a forefather of PC Music, so I'm curious to what kind of music he's making now.

That had to be it because having him travel with her everywhere during The Fame was kind of pointless otherwise IMO. She never really needed him on a live music level. I think her friend DJ VH1 was supposed to fullfill that DJ role at first, but it just didn't happen for whatever reason (according to that unauthorized bio of hers I read & her friend's interview).

He did work with het on music on The Fame. The last time they were together was in July of 2009 because he helped with So Happy I Could Die.


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