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2 hours ago, gag said:

SIX Oscars was literally on the low end for La La Land that year. Pre-Globes win, it was predicted to get 8-10. I'm not saying there's a direct causation, but it's just incorrect to think that the 7 out of 7 wins that it garnered didn't contribute at all to it losing Best Picture. The GG sweep began shifting the tide of public opinion that it was an 'overrated white people movie' that aimed to redefine jazz, a black genre, against Moonlight, a 'masterpiece' that explored black masculinity and LGBT+ issues. Studios have historically gone out of their way to avoid the status as frontrunners as it has continually led to an underperformance on actual Oscar night. :shrug:

I don't think winning six Oscars for one single movie is a disappointing outcome at all, besides it has got nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor and many more. The Oscar trophies are usually divided between movies and it is a very rare occasion that one single movie sweeps more than 5. The fact that La La Land obtained six is truly amazing.

Director and Actress are two of the biggest trophies and they both went to La La Land. Score and song too.

I'm not saying there isn't backlash, but they are the minority. Winning awards does more help than harm in my opinion.

We don't know what will happen to A Star Is Born, but if sweeps, I think it is a cause to celebrate, not mourn over.

You won't get where you want to go if you acknowledge the fear.


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