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Text Messages Between Gaga & Kesha Released -Discusses Katy Perry & Dr Luke

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The documents have been officially released.

Read here: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/fbem/DocumentDisplayServlet?documentId=1UAod5aQP1gYeR5DrkPs1w==&system=prod

They are kinda self explanatory but they talk about how KP actually “knows” about the rape and that she could turn the case around, but doesn’t want to lose what she has.

Kesha also asks Gaga if she's friendly with Katy and her reponse was: 'NO. Omg NO' :sharon: 

 Katy's deposition has been released too. It seems as though she actually stands behind Luke and makes it clear that the only reason she's not working with him is because she'll get backlash and bad press. :S


Full transcript for ur convenience xx ->

GAGA : What is happening with the lawyers? Is Luke budging? What is Sony saying? There is always a way we can make something happen from the outside remember
KESHA: thank you. you are such a sweet girl. And the goodness in your heart is like. massive and ovaivehaiming
GAGA: I hope it's not making u upset, but maybe making it even more real? Making you feel angry, About all that's happened to u
KESHA: : no not angry or upset. overwhelmed with light and hope
GAGA: THATS IS GOOD. : I feel that too, was crying a lot today and needed my mom
KESHA: I'm really upset with Katy perry
GAGA: :( Did she do something
KESHA: she could bring the whole thing to a head
GAGA: Did she
KESHA: but she wont
GAGA: Oh right, yeah that is tough
KESHA: She was r***ed by the same man, sick
GAGA: She is probably really afraid to lose everything, U are really strong standing up to him, she's not as strong as u yet, have u talked to her
KESHA: your right. I need to find sympathy and empathy for her. she's so mean. it's hard.
GAGA: Do u want me to see if i can talk to her, I know she's mean
KESHA: are you friendly with her ?
GAGA: NO. Omg NO. She makes me angry about **** by I just try to have erñpathy for her
KESHA: ugh I mean I know why she's not coming forward. you are right and very insightful.
GAGA: I mean, she probably hasn't even accepted it yet
KESHA: Maybem its not my battle


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2 minutes ago, Stef said:


Kesha also asks Gaga if she's friendly with Katy and her reponse was: 'NO. Omg NO' :sharon: 


omg :air: 



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Not gonna roast cause I've got too much to say but I can't wait for Katy to lose the little following she still has left


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They're just told by an executive that Katy was allegedly raped so Gaga just did what she could to try to help Kesha to calm down

I just want to say Gaga only responded to Kesha "She is probably really afraid to lose everything" after Kesha told her Katy was alleged raped. So it's just a normal response to calm Kesha down. And she even used "probably". The whole situation is that Gaga tried to show support to Kesha by saying she's strong and offering to talk to Katy regarding such issue.

Second, Kesha was the one who initiated the "Katy is mean" discussion while Gaga only agreed just to calm her down or for unknown reasons. And the first "NO" could also be a correction from her own "I know she's mean" since they're only a few seconds apart from each other, while Kesha clearly already asked another question. And at the end Gaga reminded Kesha to have empathy for Katy and not to put the blame on her not speaking out based on the Kesha's knowledge of Katy's situation.

Anyways, I dont get why you keep calling Gaga mean or backstabbing while all she did was to calm Kesha down and offer help and ask her to have empathy to Katy even if Katy was really raped and not willing to speak out.

Remember, it's only an extract of the whole conversation, its not the full story. it's easily putting out of context.

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I can see the document, but its just a header with a blank page help?

Edit: I feel like a dumbo:vegas:

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Bloody hooker

The shade to Katy. I can’t! :air:

This mutual gaze was a “longing to touch” or a "pre-coitus" stare.
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Joshie S

Okay but did Gaga lie though?

We all know how Katherine really is. Look at what happened during the ARTPOP era. That's probably what Gaga is referring to. Plus, Gaga was trying to comfort Kesha in a way, we all have those moments of weakness. If anything this just shows how truthful Gaga always is ..

Do we have the responses from Kesha? I'm interested to see what she said...

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Does anyone have the link to Katy's deposition?

edit: I don't see anything horrible about these messages? Gaga said at the beginning that she was upset that Katy was remaining on Luke's side so it's justifiable that she would've lashed out in that way. Keep in mind at the time of these messages, someone at Interscope had decidedly told Gaga and Kesha that Luke had assaulted Katy, Gaga had no reason to believe otherwise.

Plus we don't know the personal relationship that Katy and Gaga has at all, Gaga's just saying she thinks Katy is mean. Even trying to find "empathy" for her despite Katy making her "angry".

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