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2 hours ago, M Monstre said:

Could you imagine her performing Scene 98 live?? :giveup:

Lowkey want it to be an interlude of some sort. :sweat:

June 1, 2019 🎟
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Not to bothered, at the point she should just sing what she feels like 


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"Live in Vegas" tag. :legend:

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Why am I on GGD
18 hours ago, RAMROD said:

:classy:   I will surprise myself with the traxlist.  I expect to be shook.


She better got an actual lion on stage, 

And Pyrotechnics better than RAMMSTEIN's

Amazing Laser show.

And this stuff


and trapeze,



and chippendale guys too.

Make my money worth, Gaga! YOU BETTA! :classy:

Tbh she better drill another hole in the roof so that she can jump down from it again every night.


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I know 25 songs sound for some people like a lot but maybe with medleys or proper arrangements it could really work, I also think that she could do surprise songs each night on the piano.

The Fame / Just Dance, Love Game, Poker Face, Paparazzi (4 songs)

The Fame Monster / Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone, Monster (4 songs)

Born This Way / Born This Way, *The Edge Of Glory, *You and I, Marry The Night, Bloody Mary (5 Songs)

ARTPOP / Applause, Do What U Want, G.U.Y., Venus, MANiCURE (5 Songs)

Joanne / Perfect Illusion, *Million Reasons, John Wayne, *Joanne, The Cure (5 songs)

ASIB / Shallow, Heal Me

*(songs that could be performed acoustic/piano/guitar) 


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