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Best Enigma Opener?

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10 hours ago, ShockPop said:

Unpopular choice: GUY.

Having Sonja opening the show with her voice and the extended monologue she used at a few ARTPOP shows, stunning visuals and an extended instrumental intro or a stripped down theatrical vocal opening.

I have a vision of the GUY intro extended version, The instrumental intro, then that opening synth and it cuts in some way to Gaga singing the bridge (I don't need to be on top...) a Capella and then it breaks down and we start.

I hope G.U.Y. is on the setlist. She always represented ARTPOP with Venus, Applause and Sexxx Dreams, I think it's time she switches it up and perform G.U.Y. and Do What U Want.

You won't get where you want to go if you acknowledge the fear.


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