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NaNa Hedin, the backup voice behind many of our 90s songs, needs your help

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I'm not sure if anyone knows her, but she was the backup singer in both Britney's first albums, Backstreery Boys, Ace of Base and most of E-Type songs.

She was under Max Martin company.

Anyway, in 2009 she was diagnosed with tongue cancer, she beat it but now she has a serious jawbone situation that happened after the radiotherapy.

She opened a GoFundMe  - https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-my-voice

you can read more about it there

I'm not asking you to donate, but I'm asking you something else, let's make it viral on twitter and Facebook, let's share it to all our faves and let them know that a woman with one of the biggest voice in the industry, that gave it to many singers, needs help to sing again.

This is her website with Spotify playlist - http://www.nanahedin.com/

Just give a listen and appreciate her voice.

Just play Baby One More Time and take a good listen to the backup vocal, to understand how powerful it is, she's a legend and I don't want this legend to stop singing.


I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)
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Adriana Lima

Maybe those artist she sung for can hear about it and help a bit. İt would be amazing. Lets share it :heart:

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